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Quality Control
Quality system in Lansty Tech :

1. Vendor Rating System  (e.g. Components, Housing, Packaging Material.)
  ---Assessed by an audit team that include Engineering, Quality and Purchasing representative.
  ---Monthly report of quality performance to vendors for quality improvement
  ---Regular review meeting with the vendors for problems found and quality improvement. 
  ---Vendor Correction Action Request (CAR) system for corrective actions follow up with vendors.

2. Incoming Material Inspection (e.g. Circuit board, Flash IC, USB connector, Plastics/Metal casing, Accessories).
  ---AQL sampling plan
  ---Check on Dimension, Artworks, Tape Test, Cosmetic & Solderability (for PCB)
  ---Standard Parts---------Check on Function, Ordering P/N & Cosmetic.
  ---Custom Parts----------Check on Dimension, Assembly & Cosmetic.   
  ---Material Review Meeting (MRB) for all discrepancy parts.

3. Statistics Process Control.
  ---Widely used on all critical processes.
  ---Monitoring performance of machines and processes.
  ---Collect data for quality improvement and preventive maintenance.

4. Outgoing Quality Assurance
  ---Adopt ANSI/ASQC Sampling Plan (S1), Functional & Major AQL 0.4%,Minor AQL 2.5%  
  ---All Inspection Document are prepared by Quality Engineering,
and is independent from Document used by Production.
  ---Items inspected include Functionality, Workmanship.
  ---Cosmetic and Packaging.

5. Training
  ---4 weeks basic training for every new workers.
  ---Re-training are provided periodically to current workers.

6. Document Control
  ---Preparation and updating of Controlled Documents.
  ---Approval of Controlled Documents.
  ---Distribution of Controlled Documents.
  ---Customer Documents Control (e.g. artwork, design, mock up).

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