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 USB Flash Drive
Product Name:
  Kingston DTI G2
  USB Flash Drive / Kingston USB Flash Drive

 We assure you High Quality, Best Price and Fast Delivery.

Kingston DTI G2 USB Flash Drive 
1.  Kingston DataTraveler G2 Part Numbers:
2.  Features/Specifications:
Capacities* 2GB, 4GB, 8GB , 16GB, 32GB
Dimensions 2.30" x 0.93" x 0.35" (58.3mm x 23.6mm x 9.0mm)
Operating Temperatures 0° to 60° C / 32° to 140° F
Storage Temperatures -20° - 85° C / -4° to 185° F
Convenient pocket-sized for easy transportability
Simple just plug into a USB port
Practical no cap to lose; USB connector protected within case
Guaranteed five-year warranty
Fashionable Available in multiple colors by capacity
2GB gray, 4GB yellow ,8GB cyan,16GB red,32GB dark green
Customizable Co-logo program available**
Compatibility Table:
File Transfer
Operating System Yes
Windows Vista® No
Windows ReadyBoost Yes
Windows XP (SP1, SP2) Yes
Windows 2000 (SP4) Yes
Mac OS X v.10.3.x+ Yes
Linux v.2.6.x+
* Please note: Some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions and thus is not available for data storage.
** Conditions apply, see your local sales representative.
Storage Chart  Photos**
Storage 3MP
Capacity* 3,619
4GB* 7,238 Music*** AudioBook+ Video++ Productivity+++
8GB* 14,476 5MP 10MP MP3 Songs  Books mins. Word/ Excel PowerPoint
16GB* 28,952 2,381 802 760 408 272 3047 609
32GB* 57,904 4,762 1,604 1,520 816 544 6095 1,208
64GB* 9,524 3,208 3,040 1,632 1,088 12,190 2,438
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