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 DDR Memory Modules
Product Name:
  DDR1 400MHZ 1GB
  DDR Memory Modules / DDR RAM
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Capacity:  DDR RAM 400MHZ 1GB 
DDR Memory Type : DDR (DDR1)
Chips Type  : Original  Samsung ,Hynix ,Micron ,Nanya, Elpida ,Infeneon Etc.
Brand Name : Kingston ,Hynix ,Samsung
No. of Pins: 184 Pin LONG DIMM
Module Type: LONG DIMM
Function: Non ECC Memory
Voltage: 2.6V
CAS Latency: 3
Detail Description:
* This document describes ValueRAM's 64M x 8-bit (1GB) DDR400 CL3 SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM) memory module.
* The components on this module include sixteen 64M x 8-bit (16M x 8-bit x 4 Bank) DDR400 SDRAM in TSOP packages.
* This 184-pin DIMM uses gold contact fingers and requires +2.6V.
* The electrical and mechanical specifications are as follows:
* FEATURES: Clock Cycle Time (tCK) 5ns (min.) / 10ns (max.)
* Row Cycle Time (tRC) 55ns (min.) Refresh Row Cycle Time (tRFC) 70ns (min.)
* Row Active Time (tRAS) 40ns (min.) / 70,000ns (max.) Single Power Supply of +2.6V (+/- .1V) Power (IDD0) 5.408 W (operating)
* Operating Temperature 0o C to 70o C Storage Temperature -55o C to +150o C UL Rating 94 V – 0
Order Term:
Price Term: EXW Shenzhen
Packing Term: retail or bulk packing
Payment term; T/T and Western Union
Warranty: 5years
Delivery Time: 2-4working days
OEM and ODM are also available
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