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 Retro Handset
Product Name:
  retro handset
  Retro Handset /
1.New product -- retro phone handset 2.Main features and technical parameters 3.Intensity of tension>250kg; strong destruction resistancy 4.Good flame retardancy and hand feeling 5.Ambient Temperature: -30~+50°c 6.Relative humidity: ≤95% 7.Atmospheric pressure: 80~110 kPa 8.Ambient noise: ≤60dB 9.Explosion marking: ExdibBT6 10.Level of protection: IP65~IP67 11.Working frequency: 300~3400 Hz

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1.Radiation Proof Mobile Handset
2.Retro Style
3.Clear Voice
4.Volume control, answering button
5.LED Indication (Optional)


1. Radiatoin Proof
2. Clear Voice, Noise Reduction
3. Browse phonebook and use other functions while calling
4. Compatible with iphone, ipad, itouch
5. Receiver and microphone function
6. Sidekey Volume Contrl (If you wanna turn to max volume, you don't need to adjust the largest volume from the mobile phone)
7. Led light, answering/hanging up buttons

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