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 Retro Handset
Product Name:
  retro handset
  Retro Handset /
1.for iphone handset 2.Improved Call comfort 3.Noise reduction system 4.radiation reduction 5.High quality

 We assure you High Quality, Best Price and Fast Delivery.
1.New product -- mobile phone retro handset for iphone/ipad
2.Main features and technical parameters
3.Intensity of tension>250kg; strong destruction resistancy
4.Good flame retardancy and hand feeling
5.Ambient Temperature: -30~+50°c              
6.Relative humidity: ≤95%
7.Atmospheric pressure: 80~110 kPa       
8.Ambient noise: ≤60dB
9.Explosion marking: ExdibBT6        
10.Level of protection: IP65~IP67
11.Working frequency: 300~3400 Hz       
12.Good call transmission of the matching phone, 4.2-in-GB/T15279-94-compliant
13.High strength steel rope                      
14.Pierce-proof and hi-fi transmitter and receiver
15.Connect the permanent seat of the case         
16.Magnets or reed in some handsets
17.Customer choice:
18.Connector can be chosen according to connector series or designated by customers

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