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 Retro Handset
Product Name:
  phone retro handset
  Retro Handset /
1. Radiation proof 2. Clear voice 3. Compatible with all bluetooth mobiles 4. Answer and volumn control

 We assure you High Quality, Best Price and Fast Delivery.
1. Turns your mac,ipad&iPhone into a fixed-line telephone.
2. Vintage design with a wired receiver piece.
3. High quality speaker and microphone Offer you excellent sound quality .
4. Offers you two ways to answer/ make phone calls:     a . a traditional way using the receiver piece.         b. hands-free call by pressing the button on the receiver.
5. Ipad&iPhone touch screen gives easy access to other Application while you're on the phone,such as email, iBook, iMove, games and so on.
6. Easy for use:  sync your phone via the 3.5mm audio plug.
7. Avoids close contact with electromagnetic waves to a certain degree.
8. With automatic noise filtering function,would not make you feel uncomfortable when you having a long call.
9. Third party product, not made by Apple.

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