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 MP4 Player
Product Name:
  Ipod Nano G2 MP4 player-005
  MP4 Player / Ipod Nano G2
1.LCD screen1.8", MP3, 3.WMA audio format&AMV vedio format 4.Built-in rechargable lithium battery

 We assure you High Quality, Best Price and Fast Delivery.
1.LCD screen 1.8" 
2.USB2.0 connection,Support MP3,WMA audio format; 
3.Support AMV vedio format;
4.JPEG,BMP,GIF picture browser.
5.Digital voice recording;
6.With FM stereo radio
7.Synchronized Lyric display;
8.Extra USB flash storage
9.Multi-language support
10.Built-in rechargable lithium battery
11.No driver is need for OS above WIN98
12.With accessory of USB cable,earphone,CD drive,charger and manual
13.With Phone book and E-book
14.With multiple EQ selection
15.With mini speaker optional(excluded)

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