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 Power bank
Product Name:
  Power charger iTube2200
  Power bank /
1.Luxury aluminum case with durable etching logo 2.Mini size, easy to carry 3.Vivid and durable anodized color, attact more customers, specially young generation

 We assure you High Quality, Best Price and Fast Delivery.
1.Cylindrical Lithium-ion battery                            
2.Capacity: 2200mAh                                                  
3.Output voltage/current:5V/500mA                                
4.DC charging time: 4-5hours                                      
5.Cycle life: ≥500 times                                             
6.Operating Temperate: -10C-45C                                                                              
7.Protection of over-charge, over-discharge, excess-current, short circuit                                      
8.Compatible:iPod/iPhone, Blackberry, HTC,Nokia, Motorola,Sony Ericsson,Samsung,LG,Nintendo DSi/3DS,PSP and etc

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