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 Power bank
Product Name:
  Power charger iTube4400
  Power bank /
1.Luxury aluminum case with durable etching logo 2.High capacity 3. AC charger is included for re-charging 4.vivid and durable anodized color, attact more customers, specially young generation

 We assure you High Quality, Best Price and Fast Delivery.
1. Cylindrical Lithium-ion battery                              
2. Capacity: 4400mAh                                                  
3. Output voltage/current:5V/1000mA                            
4. DC charging time: 4-5hours                                      
5. Cycle life: ≥500 times                                              
6. Operating Temperate: -10C-45C                                                                               
7. Protection of over-charge, over-discharge, excess-current, short circuit                                       
8. Compatible:iPod/iPhone/iPad, Glaxay Tab, Blackberry, HTC,Nokia, Motorola,Sony Ericsson,Samsung,LG,Nintendo DSi/3DS,PSP and etc

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